"As a pastor and missionary, I am confident that my fellow ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ wants to meet a season minister filled with the Holy Spirit and impacting people in the kingdom of God. Dr. Scott Camp is a wonderful man of God with a profound heart for the broken hearted in the church; he is gifted and has great passion in reaching the lost with the Gospel of Christ. His recent visit at our local Church and the length of time I have known him gives me the clarity that his ministry is evangelistic and equipping the body of Christ. Further more, he has exhibited Christlike character and integrity in his worldwide ministry. I am grateful for his ministry in Africa and specifically in Ghana. Any efforts to team up with Dr. Scott Camp Ministries will bring glory and honor to the name of Jesus Christ."


Rev. Kwaku Adu Wusu

Sr. Pastor

A-Life Baptist Church, Grand Prairie TX

“Recently Scott Camp came to Generations Church here in Lubbock, TX for our Holy Spirit Conference. He spoke with power, energy, and anointing on the person of the Holy Spirit and His role in evangelism. People were born again, filled, and challenged to allow the Holy Spirit to use them in daily life to bring people to Jesus. Scott casts a vision of hope to hurting world through knowing the person of Jesus Christ rather than just being a church member. If you will invite Scott Camp to speak in your church, I promise you the Holy Spirit will move and lives will be changed.”

Ed Ainsworth 
Sr. Pastor
Generations Church Lubbock, TX

Evangelist Scott Camp came to bless our church and set us on a different level of success in witnessing.
Do many teenagers and adults responded to the invitation and gave their lives to Christ. Since then, the church has been gaining more members and winning souls in our area. Dr. Camp's style of preaching captured minds and made the Word run so deep for easy conversions. 
I strongly recommend him to chvrches all over the world. He travels extensively and do not come as a burden to your church. Thanks, Dr. Camp for blessings PAEM.

Dr. Emmanuel Rotimi Onabanjo 
Senior Pastor, 
Power and Authority Evangelical Ministry Brooklyn New York, USA.

"Scott preached the gospel with passion and authenticity. Scott loves God and he deeply loves lost people. He not only touched people’s hearts he also touched the heart of our church by his gosepl proclamation, transparency and and personal testimony. Our people deeply appreciated his ministry and responded with enthusiasm."

Rev. Dr. Fred Penney
Lead Pastor
Elim Pentecostal Tabernacle, St. John’s NL

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Scott Camp is my brother in the Lord! Scott's life passion is to see lives changed with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  His preaching and teaching has one simple message, “Jesus!”
When I listen to Scott minister,
I am reminded of Billy Graham as he impacted every denomination and all ethnic groups everywhere with the same Gospel Message, “Jesus!”
If you have never heard Scott Camp preach, teach, or share his testimony, I recommend him to you. He is God’s man for this evangelistic hour where lostness seems to prevail.

Dr. Johnnie R. Bradley Sr.
Sr Pastor
Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, Dallas, TX

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