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A Primer on Power, deals with the subject of the Holy Spirit and the promise that Christians can receive true spiritual power for being witnesses for Jesus Christ.  Camp discusses the truths he has learned on this subject, as well as his own experience of personally seeing many thousands of people come to Christ.

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"What a great Kingdom service Scott Camp has given us in his scholarly and passionate book on the Holy Spirit. Contained in this very readable work is liberating truth that will set all who read it on the journey to fullness. Here he unfolds the missing element in the traditional as well as the contemporary church. While acknowledging the excesses Scott affirms the need and relevance for all the spiritual gifts to be unleashed in the church. This is not a fad for Scott it is the inevitable outgrowth of a strong belief in Biblical infallibility and authority. I commend this work to all of Gods people. Pastors will find it rich in truth and the laymen will enjoy its simplicity."


-Dr. Ron Phillips Abbas House / Central Baptist Church Chattanooga, Tennessee

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Reader you are in for a treat. A Primer on Pain is filled with encouragement, real-life stories, pithy statements, biblical illustrations, and practical advice on how to face pain. Within these pages you will be moved to tears and then to laughter. But most of all, you will feel God’s love and comfort.

​If you are sick or sad; if you have been wronged or betrayed; if you have suffered for your commitment to Jesus; or if you simply struggle one day at a time to survive, this book is for you.

​A Primer on Pain will be the best and most practical book you will read this year.”


​​​​​​R. Alan Streett, PhD

​​​​​​Senior Research Professor of Biblical Theology

​​​​​​Criswell College

​​​​​​Dallas, Texas

Order your copy with any financial gift today!!

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