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Dr. Scott Camp has a unique blend of life experiences that give him a powerful relevant ministry to reach the unreachable with the message of Christ. 

He was the product of a teenage pregnancy, alcoholism, and a broken home. His own drug and alcohol abuse led to a felony charge and he was arrested while in high school.

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Friends, we are NOW HERE in Ghana! Our dream has become reality. In late January, I began this process, going to Ghana, leasing an apartment, buying a car and preaching/teaching non-stop until returning to the USA to preach, pack and enjoy our 4 children and grandchildren. I want to thank you for your prayers, gifts and encouragement to follow Jesus into another chapter of our life and ministry. Gina Riley Camp and I are SUPER EXCITED!!!! We feel like newly-weds who are just starting our lives together in love and ministry. 

The minute we landed in Accra, Ghana we begin ministry. I’ll keep you all posted on the various assignments. I’m REALLY in need of your prayers. I’m asking God to “anoint me with fresh oil” for the many tasks ahead. I’m also asking for you to earnestly pray about PARTNERING with us financially. Some of you feel led to partner with us monthly, quarterly or with a one-time gift. Others like to partner with us on SPECIFIC events and/or outreaches. One such opportunity is coming up September 18-25. Our Team will be leading a Discover Joy Crusade/Festival in a large fishing village, Dixcove about an hours drive from Takoradi on the coast of Ghana.


We will have the JOY of preaching to THOUSANDS of people every night as well as hosting a Pastor’s Conference every morning. I NEED YOUR HELP with this special project. The budget has just been finalized. The total cost for this 4 day outreach is $10,000 USD. Will you help us raise this money by September 1? Please designate your gift, “Discover Joy Crusade.” You can give via our website www.scottcamp.orgor Zelle 8174373776. TOGETHER we will see thousands of precious people’s lives changed FOREVER. Dixcove is a TOUGH PLACE.


No crusade has been attempted there in recent memory. The men of the village are hardworking “blue collar” rough guys, kind of like the original followers of Jesus!!! We are believing and PLANNING on seeing hundreds of these tough fishermen saved and baptized into the fellowship of the dozens of local churches cooperating in the Crusade. I need your help. Will you seek the Lord on this matter and do whatever He tells you to do? Gina and I want to say, “Thank You” in advance and REMEMBER that TOGETHER we will reap this harvest


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