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Over 100,000+ people have been ministered to each year. Partner with us to continue to preach the Gospel- Could you help us?


Thousands have responded to the gospel under his ministry worldwide.

He has ministered to international audiences in person as well as via television and radio broadcasts. His ministry has been covered in various newspaper magazine articles including the Dallas Morning News and Ft. Worth Start Telegram. He has also preached at numerous state ​evangelism/youth evangelism and pastor’s conferences across the nation for various denominational and interdenominational groups.

Scott Camp Ministries is excited to partner with local churches to bring the Discover Joy Crusade to the community they serve. The Crusade is a strategically designed harvest event to reach the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Led by Dr. Scott Camp and his Associate Evangelists, the Discover Joy Crusade Team is an experienced and dedicated coalition of ministry professionals. The team is enthusiastic, dedicated to God, led by His Spirit, and characterized by humility and integrity. The team is committed to evangelism and has seen thousands of people come to Jesus.

The success of the Crusade is determined by the number of lost persons in attendance. The churches that see the largest number of people come to know Jesus are the churches that pray for a great harvest and follow the details in this manual. For questions or concerns, contact the offices of

Scott Camp Ministries at any time.