Josh Camp 

Josh Camp is a passionate preacher of the Gospel. Although raised in the home of a Pastor and constantly exposed to Word of God, it was not until his Sophomore year in high school that the Jesus he both heard of and saw exemplified at home became real in his own life.


Josh leveraged his influence as an outstanding athlete and student as a platform to begin sharing Christ at his public high school and saw many of his friends and teammates come to faith.


He began sensing God’s call to preach and enrolled at Scarborough College in Ft Worth, TX to prepare for a life of vocational ministry. 
Although still a student, Josh travels around the country and to other nations leading worship and preaching the Gospel.

God is using this young man in a tremendous way to impact his generation with the Gospel.  

He can be contacted at for retreats, DNows, Youth Camps, Evangelistic outreaches and training events.


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